Each word is jumbled, search and find the word.


Earn XP to rank up.

Time Limit

Unable to find the word, you will lose XP and Rank.


The higher your rank, the harder word find will become

About Word Find

Word Find is a free word finding game for android and windows 10 devices. Reorganize scrabble pieces to find the word that has been jumbled before the timer runs out. Rank up from gaining experience by finding the word. The higher your rank, the more difficult word find will get. If you fail to figure out the correct word before the timer runs out. You will lose experience and rank.


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Need Help Or Found A Bug?

If while playing word find on any platform you exeriance any problems, found a bug, had a great idea for word find or you just wanted to ask me a question. Send me an email! If your looking to follow the development of word find nd anything I might have in the works take a look at http://idevgames.co.uk and follow me on twitter @iDev_Games

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